September 30, 2022

Capt’n & Gabby’s Long Long Trip to Oregon

In Search of Grandchild Hugs

Evel Knievel 1974 Snake River Jump Site

Knievel’s failed attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon in 1974 held America captive for a moment. We were both kids when this event happened and remember it well. We heard the site was close to Twin Falls, Idaho, so we HAD to find the site it all “went down.”

The site is not commercialized and is found at the end of a private dirt road between a residential neighborhood and a cow pasture snuggled up against the Snake River Canyon. The ramp is still intact.

The placard below tells the whole story, but in short, he didn’t make it. The parachute on the rocket motorcycle he used deployed too soon and he ended up in the canyon on the starting side. He survived and lived to jump real motorcycles again, usually in Las Vegas.