September 30, 2022

Capt’n & Gabby’s Long Long Trip to Oregon

In Search of Grandchild Hugs

Balanced Rock Park

Way out of the way but certainly worth it. This place is a shocker. We drove for about 40 minutes outside of Twin Falls, ID in flat, and sometimes rolling farmland thinking, we’re headed in the wrong direction. Then, all of the sudden, the road drops about 100′ into a canyon; CRAZY. We turned into a free camping park called Balanced Rock Park where a creak split two vertical rock walls. Amazing! The infamous Balanced rock is actually one mile down the road from the campground. It’s a definite-must-see, but the park would be a great place to camp or picnic. And it’s all free free free.

Check out this 360 view of the park.

You may need to click on the little circle icon a couple of times, but once it comes in, you can click and drag the image around as if you are there.

Balanced Rock Park